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Sep 27, 2012 4:00pm PDT
for a crash after landing gear failed on approach to new york john f kennedy airport it does not appear to be a normal. 87 appears topped at 90 degrees. >> the flight had what officials describe as twisted landing gear. the plane packed with passengers and tried to land. you can see this shows front wheels are sideways. just 50 feed from touchdown suddenly the gear came down and turns forward and that plane as you can see landed safely. >> there tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the critical mass bike ride began to give bike riders a voice, and often blocked streets and angered drivers. abc 7 news is live with more now. >> there is this police will begin filling up and from there, it's unclear where they plan to go. critical mass began with 50 people riding bikes home from work. >> there are people not paying attention to one cyclist on the road. >> from 50 to 200 to 2000 and more, there is no predicting who will show up on the last friday and what route they'll take, others turned into unruly stand jordz between bicyclists and frustrated motorists. one ride ended with 250 cyclists
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. president obama reversing with senator john carey. and both have challenges and check lists. there is president obama working on shorter answers. democrats say he needs to look strong and forceful not appearing irritated or -- impatient. >> they're trying to get him into the mode of being able to answer questions so it's more of his mannerisms and style z way it comes across. >> and mitt romney has to seem relatable after his comments and how can you do that? and connect with voters? >> there are all three of the things he suffered so on those three c's he's got do well. >> there is romney heading to colorado to continue prep. last night he tried to lower expectations a bit. >> there governor romney is a good debateor, i'm just okay. >> americans found 56% expect the president to win the debate. >> and lowered expectations could be good for romney. his campaign can leave denver with some momentum. >> and you can see first debates here on abc 7. there is a white house official confirms someone tries to hack into its computer system but says it was not successful. officials sa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2